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Lending Appeals Process

The right type of funding can play a vital role in helping your business reach its potential.  Our business lending appeals process enables you to appeal against a lending decision if your lending application has been declined or you are not completely satisfied with the terms of the lending offer, for example the need to provide security, regular financial trading information or up-to-date property valuations.

Informing you about this process is part of our commitment to supporting you and your business.

Under normal circumstances and subject to receipt of all necessary information, you will be advised of the decision regarding your lending application within 2 -3 days.  Where an application for credit is declined, we will explain the reason why and how you can appeal against the decision.

When can I appeal?

You can appeal if your application was declined and:

  • The turnover of your business is under £25 million (if part of a group of companies, this applies to the full group)
  • Your lending application was declined in the past 30 days
  • You provided all the required information to your Relationship Manager / local branch
  • You have not previously appealed this decision
  • Your existing lending is not subject to formal demand or enforcement or legal proceedings

You can also appeal if your application was approved but you are not satisfied with the terms of the finance. This excludes the cost of agreed lending, such as interest rates, fees and costs or the standard terms and conditions. You cannot appeal after the funds have been drawn down.

How do I appeal?

Appeals need to be made within 30 days of the decline decision being advised to you.   Make sure you outline the reason for your appeal and include any additional information to support your case.  We recommend that before submitting your appeal you talk to your Relationship Manager / local branch to understand why your application was declined, so those reasons can be addressed.

Appeals should be sent in writing to the following address within 30 days of your declined decision being advised:

Bank of Ireland UK
Credit Governance, Service and Support NI
3rd Floor, 1 Donegall Square South

We will issue an acknowledgement of appeal letter which advises you that we have received your appeal and that we will respond to your appeal within 30 days of receiving your appeal request.

Can I appeal a declined decision because of an adverse credit rating?

Yes. However, this may require a full copy of the credit file from a credit reference agency. Agencies hold information that helps lenders establish individuals' credit record. We need to see proof that an error has occurred or that the circumstances of the adverse information were exceptional.

You are entitled to see all the information any credit agency holds on you and your business. You can access this information online at or by post from:

Equifax Credit File Advice Centre
PO Box 1140

Who reviews my appeal?

Your appeal will be reviewed by an experienced lending specialist within Bank of Ireland who was not involved in the original decline decision.  This is to make sure your appeal is handled objectively and fairly.

How can I be assured the appeals process works?

Bank of Ireland subscribes to the Lending Code which is sponsored by the British Bankers' Association. To ensure our decisions are fair and correct, we are monitored by an independent external reviewer.

The external reviewer provides an independent assessment of the appeals process. However, they do not review individual lending decisions or accept appeals directly from customers in the event of a complaint.  To ensure banks have the correct processes to handle appeals fairly and effectively themselves, the independent external reviewer publishes an annual report, detailing how banks are performing.

If my appeal is unsuccessful, how can you help me?

We will write to you confirming the outcome of your appeal.  If circumstances have changed significantly since the time of your original application, we would be happy to consider a new application.  If this is not the case, we will be happy to discuss how we can work together to help you present a stronger lending proposition in the future.