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Funding Your Ambition

At Bank of Ireland UK we are committed to helping you get the finance to grow your business. We have Business Advisers on hand in every branch who are committed to helping you choose the finance option that’s right for your future. Whatever type of finance you are looking for – whether it’s a business loan or an overdraft, we can help.

  • Three Step Business Credit Application
  • Enterprise Finance Guarantee
  • Commercial Finance
  • Asset Finance

Three step credit application

Our simple three step business credit application process comprises all the information you need to include when preparing your credit application for a business loan.

Step one: Application

When making an application for credit you’ll be asked to provide documentation of information which will be used as part of our assessment. This will include:

  • Personal details of business owner – assets/liabilities/income
  • Business and personal bank statements
  • Financial Accounts

Note: The business owner’s credit history will also be taken in to account in order to give us a clearer picture of your financial circumstances. In addition, the application form will ask you to outline the amount and purpose of the requested loan and how the new funds will benefit your business. This can be obtained by contacting your local Business Manager or from your nearest branch.

Step two: Business Plan

Your business plan allows us to assess the potential of your business so that we can help you achieve it. It is an invaluable document for your business, which should:

  • Set out the main opportunities and challenges for your business
  • Demonstrate that there is a good existing or potential market
  • Show that you are planning for the future
  • Display your flexibility to effectively deal with any future issues

In order to assist you in the process of putting your business plan together you can download the template attached.

Step three: Cash Flow

Preparing a cash flow forecast is integral to managing your business. It is useful for predicting the future cash needs of your business and helps the bank determine your ability to repay the loan over the specified term. The document should be realistic and provide a detailed overview of the inflows and outflows of your business each month and should include the following information:

  • Sales and cost of sales
  • Timing of sales and payments
  • Existing debtors and creditors.

Try our cash flow planner here.

Speak to your local Business Adviser today

Enterprise Finance Guarantee

Under the Enterprise Finance Guarantee, the Government will guarantee lending to viable businesses to ensure that they can get the working capital and investment that they need.

The Guarantee is provided to the Lender, the Borrower remains 100% liable for outstanding debt. Talk to our Business Advisers to find out more, or visit

Commercial Finance

Bank of Ireland UK Commercial Finance team offers a comprehensive range of working capital solutions to suit your business needs, including funding secured by your sales invoices and funding to buy stock.

Our local Commercial Finance team has extensive knowledge in a wide variety of markets, providing you with a banking solution to suit your business needs.

Our I2D online system provides you with a real-time link to your commercial finance account. It’s easy to use and allows you to input data, transfer across currencies, request payments and reconcile your account. If you are a trading business with working capital requirements, selling goods or services on credit, in the domestic or export market. Contact the commercial finance team by email or call 028 9043 3622.

The provision of Commercial Finance facilities is subject to Bank of Ireland UK’s normal lending criteria and remains at its sole discretion. Information on the features of our Commercial Finance service and our terms and conditions are available on request. Commercial Finance is a trading name of Bank of Ireland incorporated in Ireland with limited liability.

Asset Finance

With a dedicated team of Asset Finance specialists available to discuss a customer's individual requirements, Bank of Ireland UK can offer a packaged solution on Hire Purchase and Leasing to enable customers to acquire a range of assets from within the UK and from abroad. Whether it is commercial vehicles, cars, production machinery or construction equipment, Asset Finance has a range of options to assist you in making the right decision at the right time.

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