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Bank Notes

5 note Bushmills 2013 Series

  • Colour - blue
  • Serial Numbers - font gradually increases in size
  • Seated lady Hibernia
  • Six county shields
  • Serial numbers - black horizontal and red vertical
  • Date - 1st January 2013
  • Signature - S Matchett, Chief Financial Officer UK

  • Vignette of the distillery

Paper Quality

Crisp not waxy

Raised Print

Bank title, denomination, address and signature


Head of Medusa - right hand side of note beside vertical serial number

Security Thread

In area of Bank logo when back lit

See Through

Celtic pattern in watermark area


ESP on both sides reading Bank of Ireland


Phosphorescent barcode blinks in UV light on the front of note. Phosphorescent Bank of Ireland shows in UV light on back of note.

Security Thread Tilt

Denomination appears in bottom left hand corner